Tori offers individual consultations for residential homes, office and retail consultations, and space clearings or home blessings. She also uses this work as a powerful supplement to your transformational coaching!


Feng Shui (pronounced ‘foong shway’) is an ancient Chinese practice that unites energy, time, space, people, and the environment as one integral entity thereby enabling a person to live harmoniously in their environment. Feng Shui is not a fad, nor is it about religion, philosophy or superstition. It is a philosophy, a holistic science and an art, the effects of which are felt in the mind, body and spirit in ways that enhance or diminish one’s personal chi.

When you Feng Shui your home or workplace, you are making a conscious decision to change your life. Consciously arranging your space and furniture to create a healthy, peaceful and dynamic flow of energy relaxes the nervous system, inspires the mind and calms the emotions. You are declaring to yourself and to the Universe exactly what you want and taking powerful action. Using a gentle, holistic approach to each home and business space, Tori works with you based on your individual needs.

Whole-Home Consultation

Receive a thorough analysis of the Feng Shui for your plot of land, home, office, store or corporation, to include:

  • Suggestions to create harmony in your relationships or manifest new ones.
  • A personalized color plan for you as an individual, couple or family.
  • Recommendations for elevating your mood, creating calm or be creatively inspired.
  • Suggestions to set up your space to create focus and support your career, health or other life goals.
  • Reveal subliminal messages in your space that may be influencing your thoughts, emotions and behavior.
  • Suggestions to physically represent your positive affirmations in visually creative ways.
  • On-going support and one follow-up call within 30 days of consultation.
Remote $450+ for a 2-3 bedroom space
In-Person $594+ for a 2-3 bedroom space (St. Louis Area Only)

House Blessing & Space Clearing

Predecessor energy is the unseen energy of either the land itself or the former occupants of the space.  Although unseen, predecessor energy is impactful because it has a life force that can be felt. Everything that the former occupants experienced has left behind this energy, and in order to give you a fresh start, this energy must be cleared.

All spaces can accumulate negative energies in the same way they can accumulate dust and physical dirt. These energies are often recorded on the walls, ceiling, floor and furniture, and when left unchecked they can impact the quality of our life, health, relationships, and finances.

A space clearing ceremony can be performed to help clear stagnant energies in a house, building, business place, parcel of land or vehicle.  It is a powerful process of restoring harmony, stability and vitality to your home and workplace. Space clearing not only frees your home of old energies, but it also creates room for new possibilities.

Priced Per Space

Business/Office/Retail Package

  • Preliminary phone call or meeting. A conversation with you in which you describe the goals you wish to achieve using the principles of Feng Shui. The extent of the conversation will determine the scope of the work and the fee.
  • On-site consultation. This consultation usually lasts from one hour for a small office to up to three hours or more for a larger space. Sometimes more than one appointment is necessary. Tori will walk with you around your space to discuss the opportunities she sees for meeting your business goals, including taking photos to use as a reference for writing recommendations.
  • Follow-up report, if you choose. This service may include a comprehensive written report of Tori’s recommendations and/or a floor plan with custom Bagua detailing suggested uses of Feng Shui principles.
  • Follow-up phone call. You are welcome to call or email Tori with any questions about her recommendations.


Priced Per Space

Feng Shui Refresher Consultation

This is limited to clients who have experienced the Whole House Consultation and want to make sure they are still on track. Client must still live in the same home where the initial consultation took place. This one-hour virtual consultation will take place after an updated intake form has been completed.

One-hour Call and Analysis of Goals: $162

Ready To Learn More About Feng Shui?

When you put your desires into a physical action, such as Feng Shui, you can’t help but bring about quicker change. The stronger the intention, magnified by Feng Shui, the more dramatic the shifts that will manifest in your life.

Join one of my upcoming Virtual Feng Shui Workshops to see firsthand, how Feng Shui can help you realize your personal goals and dreams!


Tori Michaels is a truly gifted coach, and I can’t recommend her highly enough! She helped me uncover some deep-seated, self sabotaging beliefs that I have held for nearly 50 years! With her astute observations, powerful guidance and even her sense of humor, today I am so proud of the woman I have become; the past no longer inhibits me, I am no longer dependent on others’ opinions of me, and I am attracting amazing things into my life! Even as I write this, I am still utterly amazed by the transformation in me as a result of working with Tori. I am forever in her debt.

Melinda RodriguezIndianapolis, IN

My life has truly been transformed since all of this began. I just wanted to get my closets organized, and what I got instead was a new and improved life!!!

Becky T.Chesterfield, Missouri

I always felt I worked so hard to stay positive and live a good life, but was going in circles. Tori is amazing and helped put me on a life changing path that has brought me many personal rewards, great and small. Sometimes in order to be able to listen to yourself and find your true calling…you have to listen to others.

Andrea RymerPeoria, Illinois

I highly recommend Tori Michael’s classes. She is a very gifted instructor…she is incredibly knowledgeable. Tori is clearly connected to the Universe (Light of the Holy Spirit). She is very fun and very direct. She has helped me beyond belief with my personal relationships….and, more importantly, guided me to maintain my inner peace. Her perceptions have made me understand that everything – good and bad – is a gift to teach or serve me…truly, Tori is a blessing to those who want to maximize their journey in this world.

Mary Ann LadendorfPekin, Illinois

I had Tori do a remote Feng Shui consultation because I was so impressed by what she was able to tell me and help me with in the Feng Shui portion of our coaching work. As skeptical as I was, I am now a true believer. My wife and I both feel like her work with us has changed our lives, and honestly, saved our marriage. Tori is so intuitive and is so clear on where we were blocking our own “flow.” I will tell anyone who will listen: “Hire Tori if you want to change your whole life!

Bikram and Natalie T.Santa Monica, California

My life literally changed in every way possible! Tori has the combination of deep awareness, spiritual depth and a wide range of “tools” which makes her a very professional and compassionate coach.

Maria St. ClairVirginia Beach

It was an incredible day when Tori Michaels introduced me to my real self. Her program not only taught me how to rid my life of attitudes and beliefs that don’t serve me; but helped me understand why I respond to life the way I do. Her coaching technique is like a well honed knife that can peel back the finest layers of an onion. I learn something new about myself each time I give myself the treat of attending one of her seminars. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what your religious preference. It’s just excellent information to help you become the Your Best You Ever!

Laura MartinPeoria, Illinois