There is literally no one else on the planet exactly like you. That is why I don’t put you in a coaching box and have you fit into my work. I tailor your coaching  specifically for you based on your unique needs and desires, utilizing my 20 years of experience in Transformation Coaching, Feng Shui, and Evidential Mediumship.

It’s by synchronicity, not coincidence, that you were guided to find me right now. You deserve to have a rich, fulfilling, and love-filled life. Your presence in this world is essential, and you have gifts to express.

"I am dedicated to transforming the lives of my clients so they may realize their life's purpose."

I believe that there is a universal consciousness that exists in all of us and accessing that consciousness… that light is every individual’s divine right. We are so much more than we think we are, and as Marianne Williamson said, “It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us.” But when we play small, or we have unhealed grief, longstanding resentments, or we choose to put ourselves last, our souls become restless leading us to feel disconnected, lethargic and purposeless.

Guided by intuition and often help from their ancestors, I tap into my clients’ psyches and expose the limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns holding them back. I use deep internal processes, repatterning methods, Shadow Work and environmental energy practices to support my transformation coaching.  

realize your life's purpose



Feng Shui


It is my mission in life to help people see and know that they matter. In my 20 years as a coach, what I have seen is that most people do not understand that they matter, that they are worthy of joy in life just because they are here. We get such contradictory programming as kids, and we will make up stories that put us in charge of making others feel something. If I am nice enough, quiet enough, funny enough, helpful enough… then maybe_____ won’t hurt me, leave me, be mad at me….. and so on. Knowing you matter will have you make choices out of self-love rather than fear. Working with me will have you know that you are an intricate part of this world, and you are worthy of knowing your own value.

Life Boosts

It is never too late to change your thinking and take action steps toward your goals. Tori Michaels partnered with 36 experts from around the world to create this insightful book that will challenge you to be your best self and move confidently toward the life you were meant to live


Tori Michaels is a truly gifted coach, and I can’t recommend her highly enough! She helped me uncover some deep-seated, self sabotaging beliefs that I have held for nearly 50 years! With her astute observations, powerful guidance and even her sense of humor, today I am so proud of the woman I have become; the past no longer inhibits me, I am no longer dependent on others’ opinions of me, and I am attracting amazing things into my life! Even as I write this, I am still utterly amazed by the transformation in me as a result of working with Tori. I am forever in her debt.

Melinda RodriguezIndianapolis, IN

My life has truly been transformed since all of this began. I just wanted to get my closets organized, and what I got instead was a new and improved life!!!

Becky T.Chesterfield, Missouri

I always felt I worked so hard to stay positive and live a good life, but was going in circles. Tori is amazing and helped put me on a life changing path that has brought me many personal rewards, great and small. Sometimes in order to be able to listen to yourself and find your true calling…you have to listen to others.

Andrea RymerPeoria, Illinois

I highly recommend Tori Michael’s classes. She is a very gifted instructor…she is incredibly knowledgeable. Tori is clearly connected to the Universe (Light of the Holy Spirit). She is very fun and very direct. She has helped me beyond belief with my personal relationships….and, more importantly, guided me to maintain my inner peace. Her perceptions have made me understand that everything – good and bad – is a gift to teach or serve me…truly, Tori is a blessing to those who want to maximize their journey in this world.

Mary Ann LadendorfPekin, Illinois

I had Tori do a remote Feng Shui consultation because I was so impressed by what she was able to tell me and help me with in the Feng Shui portion of our coaching work. As skeptical as I was, I am now a true believer. My wife and I both feel like her work with us has changed our lives, and honestly, saved our marriage. Tori is so intuitive and is so clear on where we were blocking our own “flow.” I will tell anyone who will listen: “Hire Tori if you want to change your whole life!

Bikram and Natalie T.Santa Monica, California

My life literally changed in every way possible! Tori has the combination of deep awareness, spiritual depth and a wide range of “tools” which makes her a very professional and compassionate coach.

Maria St. ClairVirginia Beach

It was an incredible day when Tori Michaels introduced me to my real self. Her program not only taught me how to rid my life of attitudes and beliefs that don’t serve me; but helped me understand why I respond to life the way I do. Her coaching technique is like a well honed knife that can peel back the finest layers of an onion. I learn something new about myself each time I give myself the treat of attending one of her seminars. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what your religious preference. It’s just excellent information to help you become the Your Best You Ever!

Laura MartinPeoria, Illinois

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