by Tori Michaels, CFSP
The Whole-Life Transformation System©

Good Feng Shui in your garden will help attract nourishing, high quality Feng Shui energy to your home, as well as delight all your senses.  Whether you have a pot on your porch, or acres of land, a thriving garden will bless your space. Here are some Feng Shui garden tips:

1. Start with the soil. Healthy plants come from healthy soil. Feed your soil with compost and mulch. Disturb it as little as possible. Did you know that healthy soil is alive with intricate webs of fungi bacteria and worms? Sounds yummy!

2. Avoid plants with names that have negative sounds like “Bleeding Hearts,” “Dead Nettle” or anything “weeping.”

3. Paths should never be straight, as chi energy would run too quickly. Let them meander and curve through your garden. A curved path encourages chi to move more slowly and freely. If you already have straight paths, then allow plants to grow over them so the chi can circulate freely around them.

4. Gentle, manual weeding is a life-friendly, soil-friendly, method of removal of weeds.

5. Choose plants that have aromas that you enjoy.

6. Attract wild life. Plant a variety of shrubs, grasses, flowers and trees. Use as many native species as possible. Provide shallow dishes of water for butterflies and birdbaths with a landing spot for birds. Did you know that bird song stimulates plants to grow? Hearing bird song also makes a human heart sing!

7. Integrate beautiful wind chimes into your space. The sound will lift your spirits and your Chi!]

8. Water features such as pools, ponds and fountains are beautiful and encourage beneficial chi. They also symbolize prosperity. Note: never place a water element in the back, right area (relationships) of your yard as this will squelch the flames of love!

9. You know the energy is good when you test it with the basic Feng Shui question: does it feel good?

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