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Tori Michaels is a Speaker, Teacher, Author, Retreat Leader and professionally trained and certified Feng Shui and Space Clearing Practitioner. She created the Whole-Life Transformation System to combine her education and experience as a Life Coach, Feng Shui Practitioner, Interior Decorator and Professional Intuitive to offer her clients and students a unique and powerful skill set. Utilizing her powerful backgrounds, she is able to help her clients achieve mindset shifts and supportive energetic changes that will allow them to experience radical and sustained transformation in their lives. In January of 2018, Tori will launch The Whole-Life Transformation System Coach Training, which will train and certify individuals in Tori’s unique system.

Kathryn Rawlings Pirozzoli,
Certified Whole Life Transformation Coach (Candidate) 
I hired Tori Michaels to be my coach in January 2015. I was suffering from depression, in a loveless and passionless marriage, angry all the time and I was getting fatter by the week trying to manage all of the negativity in my life. She told me in that first call that through our work together I would ‘fall in love with myself.’ The thought made me sick to my stomach. Six months after beginning our work, I was driving to pick up my kids, windows down, music blaring, and I heard a voice from deep within me say, “You are amazing, you know that?” I immediately called Tori and with voice trembling and tears streaming down my face, I said, “You were right. Thank you for loving me into this place. I want to be a coach. Will you train me?” I chose to become a Whole Life Transformation coach because the process that Tori created helped me and many other women to become balanced moms, sexy women, powerful and loving leaders, passionate partners, and fierce competitors. I deeply believe that if someone is introduced to the concepts of transformation that they will live life in pursuit of their outrageous joy and in that pursuit, they will transform their homes, their workplaces, their families and their communities!
Kathryn Rawlings Pirozzoli
Elise Reid, Integrative Coach
Elise is a certified Integrative Coach with the Ford Institute, specializing in Shadow Coaching and Spiritual Divorce. She is a passionate seeker and is always working on her own evolution. Elise loves to guide clients to reconnect with the truth of who they really are. She is deeply compassionate and highly effective in her work. It is a pleasure to have her on our team!
Elise Reid
Michael Billy is an American Film and Television Producer, Film Actor, Comedian, national TV personality and human rights advocate. Billy produced and co-starred in the feature film “The One” (2011), and plays himself in the comedy “Bad Parents” (2013). Michael is the co-owner of production houses Greenlight Films and REEL3. When he was 14 years old, Michael was beaten and brutalized by a gang of 12 teens because he is gay. After a long recovery that set him on his personal journey, he began speaking out publicly against bullying and soon found himself sharing his story and insights on television, beginning with The Ricki Lake Show and, later, as host of the Emmy-nominated PBS show In The Life. Michael will continue to share his personal story with audiences with the release of his documentary, Hola Hermano: My Adoption Telenovela, which chronicles his adoption story that began when he and Tori met and began working together in 2014. Since that time, Tori and Michael often teach together bringing awareness to the issues of bullying and personal suffering.
Ana Metzger is Tori Michael’s Administrative Assistant.
Ana Metzger