Tori Michaels Whole-Life Transformation System



Our Classes Have Something for Everyone!

Whether you’ve been stuck in a rut for years wishing and wanting for something different, or you are just clear that you are ready for a change in your life, Tori’s method of Whole-Life Transformation will help you find emotional freedom and experience more love, joy and peace in every aspect of your life. Working with a Whole-Life Transformation Coach either in one-to-one coaching or in one of our on-line or in-person classes will bring you the opportunity to:

      • Shift beyond positive thinking to authentic awakening
      • Integrate your emotional and spiritual self
      • Expand your beliefs of what is possible for you
      • Remove the obstacles in your life that have repeatedly sabotaged you
      • Reach deep levels of emotional clarity
      • Experience your dreams coming true

Because the Whole-Life Transformation System is such an in-depth program, we offer classes on a variety of subjects like “Introduction to Feng Shui,” “Connecting With Your Spirit Guides,” “Meditation For the Busy-Minded,” and our signature program, “Your Best You Ever,” and so many more. These classes are taught in-person and on line. Watch this page for upcoming classes and webinars.

“The transformations I have had the privileged to witness in the lives of thousands of people in my ten years of doing this work have inspired me! As these transformations take place in people’s lives, the lives of the people in their lives change, and before you know it, we are helping to heal the planet. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming classes. You can sign up below.